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Another Brick in the World

This far-ranging column by Falvo Fowler presents unique ways of looking at what many of us have learned to take for granted about Christian living and its connection to the world around us. Each month, Falvo challenges us to think outside the walls that surround us and to expand our horizons.

9-2009: 21<sup>st</sup> Century Prehistoric - We tell and sing the same old story without realizing that this sameness makes sense only to us because we’ve been programmed to believe in it. To the non-believer, it all sounds so wickedly ominous.

8-2009: Freedom - What is it about Christians that turns people off today? What is it that has you dragging your feet to church or numbly trudging to your ministerial commitments?

6-2009: It's All About Me, Isn't It? - Anywhere, at any given time, you will find someone or something that you can resonate with. “Religious” marketing targets a wide range of morality in order to reach the most for market gain. And from there on, it’s a leading by human resonance rather than by God’s Spirit. The devil’s greatest weapon against Christians is “christianity.” No human knows Scripture as well as the devil, and his knowledge of it allows him to twist and weave a pattern that tempts us to take a nibble of something else that seems so deliciously spiritual that we fail to see that it isn’t consistent with what God says. That nibble, that bite, is all that’s needed for us to slip away from God.

5-2009: Jesus Saves! So? - To someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, our preaching that “Jesus Saves” doesn’t make a difference because their world view, their spiritual journey, doesn’t identify Jesus as the Savior. Therefore, this person doesn’t really have a point of reference for what it means to “be saved.” It means something to us, because we either grew up with it or we chose to be aware of it. But if you didn’t and you don’t . . . does it? Have meaning, that is.

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