Centre for Secular & Postmodern Studies-CSPS

So you wonder sometimes if your church realizes who you are? What your generation feels and thinks? How much you want to be involved but you don't know where to start? 

CSPS gets it. We get that today's young adult is different from past generations. And we get that postmodern culture has changed how people think about the world around them - including their spirituality. We also get that you really do want to know Jesus and live an authentic Christian life. 

Our team explores the potential for authentic Adventist ministry in today’s culture. We try to create strategies to share Jesus within emergent culture, and develop practical outreach resources. We work with tedMEDIA productions to create a wide variety of cutting edge Christian media, available on YouTube and elsewhere. We also provide training seminars (RE:FRAME) and practical tools for pastors and lay members (like LIFEdevelopment).

CSPS communicates with ministries to postmodern culture around the world. Our caseNET is constantly growing with case studies and networks as we meet new people who are eager to make Jesus real and live authentic Christian lives. 

The Centre for Secular & Postmodern Studies-CSPS exists as a part of the Adventist Mission Office at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.