Growing UP December 2012

Don’t give up! Look up! God is real and He’s watching out for you!

God Is Able

Alexis A. Goring

The song “He’s Able”* represents all that I’ve been through in the past two years and all that God has done for me up until now. Losing my full-time teaching job a while ago was very disappointing. However, I managed to stay positive because I believed He was giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a writer and producer.

And so it was that I found work with The Prince George’s Sentinel newspaper, proofreading the week’s edition. Often, my editor and I would discuss pop culture, life in general, and faith. One day, while talking about how tough it is to land a full-time job in journalism, I told her exactly what I was thinking: “Is my career dream going to work out?” I knew full well that there was no definite answer. So she simply smiled and empathized with me because she had once been where I was at that moment.

Jesus also knows what it’s like to struggle with life on this planet. He lived, breathed, walked, and ministered to the masses. He has been through everything any human will ever experience. He carried out God’s plan of salvation, giving us hope of eternal life to all who believe in Him. So I continued pressed on. Every week I applied for journalism jobs. Then in late September, I received a call at work from a newspaper publisher hundreds of miles away who wanted to interview me via Skype. The opening was for an editor /reporter. It just happened that five months prior to this phone call, my computer had crashed. One week before this publisher’s call, it was ready to be picked up. When I went to do so, an employee told me that when a computer takes a long time to be fixed, the store has an exchange policy. So just before I received the publisher’s call, I exchanged my old computer for a new one in which Skype was already installed!

Just imagine. If my computer hadn’t crashed, and if I hadn’t been eligible for an upgrade that included Skype, I would not have been able to schedule the interview. God is so good!

That first interview went well. My parents were excited. I tried to stay calm. The publisher asked for a second interview, this time with the person who would be my supervisor if I were hired. The very next day, I was offered the job! Of course I accepted it.

I write this to encourage anyone going through trying times. Don’t give up! Look up! God is real and He’s watching out for you!
* Deitrick Haddon, “He’s Able,” embedded&v=lCpEJaKv1Ww (accessed November 29, 2012).