About Us

CQ (Collegiate Quarterly) is a devotional Bible-study guide for young adults, ages 18–35, published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church®. The topics for each quarter are based on the same topics as the Adult Bible Study Guide published by the Church.

Each week’s lesson in CQ is written by seven different young adults from around the world. Even the illustrations are done by young adults.

In 1978‚ a student named Eugene Shirley at Union College‚ in Lincoln‚ Nebraska‚ USA‚ realized that there was a Seventh-day Adventist Bible study guide for every age level except his. That realization began a series of events that led to the development of CQ‚ which was initially published first quarter‚ 1979.

For several years‚ college students and professors from the 12 Adventist colleges and universities in North America shared the responsibilities of putting CQ together. In the second quarter of 1982‚ CQ went international when it invited students and faculty at Hong Kong Adventist College to participate. Now our writers and illustrators come from every continent except Antarctica.

CQ also has increased its “publications” to include quarterly teacher’s guides‚ a website‚ podcast lessons‚ and social media.

At CQ's inception, the questions were asked‚ “Is such a quarterly needed? Will it appeal to the college person?” 1 Soon after, someone wrote on a tithe envelope during a Friday evening vesper service the following message to the first CQ editor: “If we’ll come to Him—God will bless us more than we have even thought about yet!”2

The prayer of the CQ staff is the same as it was in January of 1979—that through CQ, “many college students will come to appreciate and love more and more the One who first loved them.”3

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